Dep Dir Intergovernmental Relations – City of San Jose, CA

City of San Jose, San Jose, CA
Heart of Silicon Valley

The City of  San  José  seeks  an  experienced  legislative  professional  to  lead  the  City’s  Intergovernmental Relations  (IGR)  team  within  the  City  Manager’s  Office  of  API.  This position reports to  the  Director  of  API,  and currently  supervises  two  direct  reports  in  addition  to  leading  an  interdepartmental  legislative  team  and managing  two  lobbying  firms  (state  and  federal),  and  their  contracts  –  each  with  its  own  team.  IGR is responsible for managing  the  City’s  regional,  state,  and  federal  legislative  programs.  This includes initiating and influencing legislation at  all  levels,  monitoring  state  and  national  legislation  that  affects  the  City, coordinating  with  legislative  liaisons  within  City  departments,  and  crafting  and  executing  strategies  with the  City’s  state  and  federal  legislative advocates.

This position  is  classified  as  a  Deputy  Director  and  communicates  regularly  with  elected  federal,  state,  and  local elected  officials,  exchanging  information  to  keep  them  informed  on  issues  that  have  an  impact  on  the  City.  The position  provides  the  City’s  elected  officials,  Senior  and  Department  staff  information  about  federal  and  state legislation,  hearings,  regulations,  reports,  studies,  agencies,  and  stakeholders.  The  Deputy  Director  will  work on  a  wide  variety  of  issues  with  an  opportunity  to  affect  change  by  advocating  for  the  City’s  legislative  agenda and  goals.  This  role  requires  leadership  capacity  to  support  the  larger  API  office,  with  expertise  to  advise  on, and support the development of, complex policy issues at the city level.



  • Identify emerging issues,  coordinate  legislative proposal monitoring;  ensure  representation  on  issues is aligned with  the City’s  overall  strategic  plan, vision,  adopted legislative  priorities  and  policies.
  • Maintain awareness of  legislative  activities  affecting  City  operations and  the potential impact  on  City operations;  track  state  and  federal legislation;  anticipate  legislative issues  and  identify  opportunities  to develop  and  influence policy  to  best  meet  the  needs of  the City. • Serve  as  a liaison;  develop  and  enhance  positive,  effective  relationships  with other agencies  and representatives.
  • Coordinate, develop, and lead strategies  on  legislative  and  regional  issues  with  City  Council, lobbyists, and staff.
  • Represent the City  at regional  forums;  provide  support  to regional  committees;  and  act  as  staff support  for City  Council  members  appointed  to  intergovernmental  committees.
  • Work closely with City  departments  and the  Office  of  the Mayor  on  cross-departmental  legislative  and policy  issues.
  • Manage the state and  federal  contracted  advocacy  firms/resources.  Work  with statewide and  federal coalitions.
  • Manage and mentor staff  within  the  IGR team  and  the  larger  API  office. THE  IDEAL  CANDIDATE The  ideal  candidate  will  have  experience  and  demonstrated  success  in  highly  visible  legislative  affairs.  They are confident,  politically  astute,  and  customer  service driven  when leading  large inter-department  teams  on legislative  efforts.  They  will  be  able  to  quickly  learn  the  City  of  San  José’s  processes,  systems,  and  priorities  with  respect  to  state and federal  legislative  issues.

The  successful  candidate  will  represent  the  City  of  San  José  at  state  and federal  levels  and make  the  City’s  presence  and  positions  known.  This  person  will be  a  key  team  player.  They will  champion  Justice, Equity,  Diversity,  and inclusion  (JEDI),  inspire,  and  engage  others  as  he/she/they  bring about  change. This  person  will have  strategic  agility,  drive  for  results,  demonstrate  outstanding  leadership skills,  and  enjoy  collaborating  with  other City  departments  and  elected officials  of all political perspectives. Candidates  must  have  outstanding  verbal  and  written  communication  skills  with  the  ability  to  make  direct and effective  public  presentations,  experience  analyzing  complex  legislation,  and  the  ability  to  communicate potential impacts  to  the  City  decision  makers.  Candidates  will  travel  to  Sacramento  as  needed  to  represent the  City  before  the  legislature  and  be  able to  represent  the API  office  as needed and  help  support,  mentor, and  problem  solve  with the larger API  team.


Education:  Any  combination  equivalent  to  successful  completion  of  advanced  course  work  from  an accredited  college or  university  in business,  public  administration,  or  related  field.

Experience:  Six  (6)  years  of  increasingly  responsible  experience  in  senior  level  administrative  and/or analytic  work  in  a  public  or  private  agency.  Experience  managing  a  work  unit  equivalent  to  a  major division  within  a  City operating  department  is  desirable.

The  City  of  San  José  will  NOT  sponsor,  represent,  or  sign  any  documents  related  to visa  applications/ transfers  for  H1-B  or  any  other  type  of  visa  which  requires  an  employer  application.  COVID  Policy:  Pursuant  to  the  City’s  COVID-19  Mandatory  Vaccination  and  Testing  Policy,  the  City  of  San  José requires  all  new hires to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment absent a documented medical and/or religious exemption.

BENEFITS  &  COMPENSATION The  salary  range  for  the  Intergovernmental  Relations  Deputy  Director  position  is  $127,732  to  $198,968 per  year.  The  Deputy  Director  position  also  receives  an  approximate  five  percent  (5%)  ongoing  nonpensionable  compensation  in  addition  to  the  compensation  listed  above.  The  actual  salary  shall  be determined  by  the  final  candidate’s  qualifications  and  experience.  The  City  provides  an  excellent  array  of benefits, including: • Retirement:  Competitive  defined  benefit  retirement  plan  with  full  reciprocity  with  CalPERS; defined  contribution plan  available  as  an  option. • Health Insurance:  The  City  contributes  85  percent  towards  the  premium  of  the  lowest  cost  nondeductible  plan.  There  are  several  plan  options. • Dental  Insurance:  The  City  contributes  100  percent  of  the  premium  of  the  lowest  cost  plan  for  dental coverage. •   Personal  Time:  Vacation  is  accrued  initially  at  the  rate  of  three  weeks  per  year  with  amounts increasing  up  to  five  weeks  after  15  years  of  service.  Executive  Leave  of  40  hours  is  granted  annually  and depending  upon  success  in  the  Management  Performance  Program,  could  increase  to  up  to  80  hours. Sick  Leave  is  accrued  at  the  rate  of  approximately  8  hours  per  month. • Holidays:  The  City observes  15  paid  holidays  annually.  • Deferred  Comp:  The  City offers  a  457  Plan. • Flexible Spending Accounts: The City  participates  in Medical Reimbursement Programs  and Dependent Care  Assistance.  Insurance:  The  City  provides  a  term  life  policy equal  to  two  times  annual  salary. Longterm  disability and  AD&D  plans  are  optional. • Employee Assistance Program:  The  City provides  a  comprehensive  range  of  services  through  the  EAP.  Visit the City’s  benefits  website  for  more  info.

APPLICATION  PROCESS Please  send  your  resume  with  a  cover  letter  outlining  your  interest  in  the  role,  your  experience successfully  influencing/driving  legislation  at  the  state  or  federal  levels  with  specific  examples,  salary expectations,  and  describe  your  commitment  to  Justice,  Equity,  Diversity,  and  Inclusion  (JEDI)  within  the government context to:  Qualified  applicants  will  be  contacted  and  scheduled for  conversations. PReP Intl  and  the  City  of  San  Jose  are  Equal  Opportunity  Employers  who  do  not  discriminate  based  on  race, color,  religion,  sex,  sexual  orientation,  gender  identity,  national  origin,  age,  disability,  employment,  veteran status, or any other protected status. Qualified Women, Minorities, and Veterans are encouraged to apply.

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