What do cosmetics, the Clean Power Plan, and combined cycle power plants have in common?

No, this isn’t a riddle. It’s a question, and hopefully one that’s a little thought-provoking.

The answer is: powerful women.

Cosmetic founder Estée Lauder once said, “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” And most of the women I know who work in the energy industry do just that – they work their tails off.

Photo by Brandon Nelson

Photo by Brandon Nelson

I’m one of them. As a vice president and chief financial officer, I have earned the leadership role I hold with the Nebraska Public Power District by challenging myself to learn more. My comfort zone is in accounting and finance, but I became a district manager for NPPD, moved into a field office, and learned the operations side of the business, too.

If you are a woman working in the energy industry, you may know one side of the business very well, but you may lack business acumen in, say, strategic planning. You may be an engineer but you don’t know how to communicate your vision in a board room.

If this describes you, I encourage you to attend the “Power Matters Conference” sponsored by the Association of Women In Energy . Held Oct. 14 in Omaha, the conference is designed to help women increase their business acumen in such areas as:

  • the challenges and advantages of our generation resources,
  • understanding the integrated energy market,
  • the future of distributed generation technologies, and
  • how we can modernize our nation’s energy infrastructure to promote economic competitiveness.

You can become a member of AWE and attend the conference for only $50. If your company sponsors the conference, not only will it receive a year-long membership for all of its employees, it will obtain discounted conference registration costs for those who attend and it will help all of its workforce grow professionally with others the energy industry. If you only want to attend the conference, the cost is a nominal $150.

The conference speakers are leaders in their organizations or fields, and the networking can advance your career. Register at www.awenergy.net.

So, get out of your comfort zone and come to the conference. Makeup is optional.

Traci Bender
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Nebraska Public Power District
Columbus, NE

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