Video: AWE Boardmembers Join Industry Panel

Last week’s industry panel was a resounding success. Thanks to AWE Boardmembers Becky Motal and Trisha Elizondo for participating. Watch the full panel in the video below.

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Women in STEM Careers Page Updates

Since we first published our list of resources for women pursuing careers in STEM, we have received several requests from colleges and other organizations to add their articles to our page. This explosion of popularity for this post proves that there is a huge amount of interest in this topic. Visit the page by clicking the button below to see what’s new and check back often for updates.

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Industry Panel Features AWE Boardmembers: Women in the Built World

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Women in the Built World: Pioneering a Path Forward

Join us on April 15 at 10 AM PDT for an engaging conversation between five accomplished women in utilities and the built world. Learn about their journeys, challenges, and visions for a more equitable future. 

This engaging industry panel features AWE boardmembers Becky Motal and Trisha Elizondo, along with Cherri Warren, the Chairwoman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Robin G. Rosen, Senior Program Manager at the Cross Bore & Asset Protection, Southern Company Gas, and Amy Hutchins, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Unearth Technologies

What you’ll learn

Attend this event for an engaging conversation between five accomplished woman in utilities and the built world. You’ll hear energizing stories about their journeys, the challenges they overcame along the way, and visions for a more equitable future.

This session will be a guided conversation, with topics that may include:

●  Why each panelist chose to invest their career in this industry
●  The biggest challenges they faced along their journey
●  Advice for others who want to take a similar direction
●  What lasting impacts do they think COVID will have on this industry
●  Strategies for getting more women, diverse candidates and other high talent individuals into this industry.

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