Study: Women Make Up 6% of CEO Positions in Energy


The number of women in the C-suite at U.S. energy companies is still not on par with their male counterparts.

Analysis from global advisory firm Korn Ferry reveals that women make up significantly less C-level positions in energy, with the exception of chief human resource officers (CHRO). Women account for 57 percent of CHRO positions in energy.

Korn Ferry’s analysis of energy companies represents 33 U.S. states, with the highest concentration (37 percent) residing in Texas, and finds that women make up about one-quarter (24 percent) of all C-suite positions.


Boardmember Spotlight: Lindsay Sander

Welcome to a new AWE web site feature: Boardmember Spotlight. Each installment will have one of our board members answering a few questions about their experience, influences and advice to other women in the energy industry.

Lindsay N. Sander, Sander Resources


In what part of the energy industry do you work? How long have you been involved with the energy industry? What is most rewarding about your field to you?
Oil and Gas. 15 years. It is a dream to work in a dynamic, under-appreciated and wonderful industry that is full of opportunity. Everything in this country is made possible by the actions taken by the men and women who make the production, transportation and refining of our natural resources possible.

What qualities helped you overcome the biggest career challenges you have faced?
Passion, perseverance, and honesty.

What qualities do you look for in new hires?
Ability to communicate- verbal and written, cognitive thinking, passion, creativity, humor and being a well-rounded, decent human being.

Name, or describe, 3-5 people who have inspired you in your professional endeavors?

  1. My Husband
  2. Marge Melvin- my 5th grade government teacher
  3. Minnesota Lt. Governor Carol Molnau – former boss
  4. President Ronald Reagan

What advice would you offer women in the energy industry?
Keep your head up, do good work and never, ever give up. The rest will take care of itself.

What advice do you offer Millennials, who are beginning their careers?
Listen, work hard and don’t expect to advance quickly or to be paid well for some time. Everyone is watching you and your Millennials label has already set you back (whether you want to acknowledge this or not). You have to earn your way just like everyone that came before you.

AWE Board Member Lindsay Sander leads panel at NARUC

LindsaySanderAWE Boardmember Lindsay Sander lead an informative panel on PHMSA Nuts and Bolts at the NARUC Conference that recently concluded in Nashville. The panel covered Increases in U.S. natural gas production, usage and commercialization of natural gas are changing the regulatory landscape for the U.S. natural gas industry and its customers.

The safe, reliable and cost effective operation of the natural gas pipeline infrastructure in critical to our economy and security.   The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline Hazardous Material and Safety Administration’s mission is to protect people and the environment by advancing the safe transportation of energy and other hazardous materials that are essential to our daily lives. To do this, PHMSA’s stated mission is to establish national policy, set and enforce standards, educate, and conduct research to prevent incidents. PHMSA also prepares the public and first responders to reduce consequences if an incident does occur.  In this two part Nashville moderated series we will explore all that is happening at PHMSA specifically as it concerns the proposed regulations and rules surrounding the safety of natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines.  Attendees will be provided with the framework and tools necessary to explore and understand their respective roles and responsibilities in ensuring the delivery of natural gas to our communities safely, reliably, responsibly and affordably.

View more information and download the panel presentation here:

In Remembrance of Karen R. Johnson

One of our esteemed AWE Board Members, Karen R. Johnson, passed away on June 5, 2016.  She was a devoted wife, loving mother, caring mentor, and dear friend to many.

Karen was a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and St. Mary’s Law School, and she served in many roles throughout her forty-year career opening doors to young women serving as a “first” in leadership positions, including President of the Travis County Bar Association (first elected woman) and Executive Director of the State Bar of Texas (first woman chosen).  She was also a member of the Texas State Bar Board of Directors (serving on the Executive Committee), special assistant in the Texas Governor’s Office, Assistant Comptroller for Bob Bullock (holding many leadership positions in that office), President of Entergy Texas, Executive Director and CEO of United Way of Texas, and CEO of Power Across Texas.  She served as a board member for many professional organizations including the Electric Power Research Institute, Power Across Texas, Texas State History Museum Foundation, Care International, Global Impact, and of course, our own, Association of Women in Energy.

To say she was a trail blazer and an empowered leader is an understatement. Her laugh, her smile, her quick wit, and her eager willingness to serve others, in both her professional and personal life, will be greatly missed.  Though words cannot express our sense of loss in the passing of our friend, we all have many great memories of her, and we know that Heaven has opened its doors to another great Texan.